Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer
Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

Blood Collection Tube Product Video

Gongdong is a professional high-end OEM medical blood tube factory in China. We offer a wide range of blood vacuum or non-vacuum PET/Glass/PP blood collection tubes or vials or containers. According to different additives, the vacuum medical blood tube can be classified into ten different types, they are:

Serum Clot Activator Tube

Plain Tube


Serum Separation Tubes

ESR Tube

Coagulation Tube

Double-wall Tubes

Heparin Tube

Heparin Tube (Separator Gel)

Glucose Tube

According to different uses, blood collection tubes can be classified into three different types, they are:

Whole Blood Collection Tube

Serum Blood Collection Tube

Plasma Blood Collection Tube

Blood collection tubes can be also classified from their different cap colors, among the popular color tops are red, purple, green, gold, gray, blue, and black. Watch the video, and explore more about our blood collection tubes.

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