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Serological Pipettes

Gongdong Serological Pipettes are suitable for cell culture, bacteriological, clinical, and research experiment applications. They can be used to transfer sterile liquids in cell culture or for general laboratory use, such as: 

Transferring and dispensing liquid solvents and cell suspensions; 

Mixing up cell suspensions, reagents and other chemical solutions.

Description of Serological Pipettes


Material: Ultra clear, 100% virgin polystyrene for maximum clarity.


1.0ml, 2.0ml, 5.0ml pipettes are shaped by stretching method.


10.0ml, 25.0ml, 50.0ml pipettes tips/ends are welded to the tube by ultrasonic wave.




Human DNA free.




E-beam irradiation to SAL of 10-6.



Specification of Serological Pipettes

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Product Code (section Number)Recommended Capacity (ml)Scale (ml)ColourSterilizationPackaging MethodPackage Specification
YesSingle package200 pcs / box, 4 boxes / box
YesSingle package150 pcs / box, 4 boxes / box
YesSingle package100 pcs / box, 4 boxes / box
YesSingle package100 pcs / box, 4 boxes / box
YesSingle package50 pcs / box, 4 boxes / box
YesSingle package40 pcs / box, 4 boxes / box
YesBulk200 pcs / box, 5 bags / box
YesBulk200 pcs / box, 4 bags / box
YesBulk150 pcs / box, 4 bags / box
N111051049S10.01/10          YesBulk150 pcs / box, 4 bags / box
N111051051S25.02/10          YesBulk50 pcs / box, 5 bags / box
YesBulk50 pcs / box, 4 bags / box

Wide Range of Volumes and Packaging OptionColor-coded pipettes and packaging for convenient volume selection;
Individually packed pipettes for high sterility assurance;
Reduce packaging waste with bulk packed options.
Certified Calibration of Accuracy and Precise GraduationsEnsures dispensing accuracy +/-2% for 1ml and 2 ml and +/-1% for 5 ml ,10 ml 25 ml 50 ml at full volume
Clear, Bold Bi-directional GraduationsHigh-contrast graduations for easy-to-read volumes. Reverse graduations aid in determining dispensing volume.
Negative GraduationsIncrease pipette capacity, and accommodate additional volumes.
Filter PlugPrevent aerosol or liquid contamination of the pipetting device while further reducing sample-to-sample contamination risks.

Stringent quality specifications and convenient features make Gongdong serological pipettes a great choice for accurate liquid transferring results and efficiency for daily lab work. 

Our serological pipettes have the following design benefits: Clear bi-directional graduations make it easy to read fluid volumes and dispensing amounts; negative graduations increase pipette capacity and accommodate additional sample volumes; an aerosol barrier filter plug provides better protection for the pipetting device from the aerosol or liquid contamination compared to traditional cotton plugs; a non-dripping tip and high-quality standards ensure pipette sterility and consistency. 

Our collection of serological pipettes offers size variability (1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml) and packaging options (individually wrapped or in bulk) to suit a wide range of applications.

We provide OEM ODM serological pipettes solutions.

What is the difference between a serological and volumetric pipette?

The primary distinction between volumetric and serological pipettes is that volumetric pipettes are calibrated to deliver a specific amount of a solution via free drainage, but serological pipettes are calibrated all the way to the tip and require the final drop of solution to be blown out.

The serological pipette is a graduated pipette that allows you to transfer many amounts of liquid with the same pipette.  In contrast, the volumetric pipette only allows measuring a single volume.

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