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Heparin Tube (Separator Gel)

These Golden VacTM heparin tubes contain a polymer separation gel and spray-driedheparin additive.
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Description of Heparin Tube (Separator Gel)


Available in lithium heparin and sodium heparin.


The anticoagulant heparin activates antithrombin, which blocks the clotting cascade and thus produces a whole blood/plasma sample.


Lithium heparin has no interference with all ion detection during testing, including sodium ion.


The separation gel separates the plasma from the blood cells during centrifugation, preventing contamination of the plasma.


Immediately after draw, gently invert the tube 8-10 times in order to activate adequate anticoagulant.


Centrifugation: 1800-2200g for 8-15 minutes at 18-25° C.

Specification of Heparin Tube (Separator Gel)

Cat. NoVolume/mlSize/mmAdditiveSeparatorMaterialCap ColorClosure
GD030LHG3.013X75Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSCap ColorSafety Cap+Rubber
GD040LHG4.013X75Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD050LHG5.013X100Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD085LHG8.516X100Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD030SHG3.013X75Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD040SHG4.013X75Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD050SHG5.013X100Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD085SHG8.516X100Heparin Lithium/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber

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GD030LHG 3.0 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD040LHG 4.0 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD050LHG 5.0 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD085LHG 8.5 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD030SHG 3.0 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD040SHG 4.0 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD050SHG 5.0 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel) GD085SHG 8.5 ml Heparin Tube (Separator Gel)