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Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube

Gongdong OEM centrifuge tubes are made of durable, chemical-resistant, clear polypropylene. It can be storaged at as low as -80℃ (low temperature storage limits may vary depending on the solution being stored and storage conditions). With high RCF ratings.

Description of Centrifuge Tube


Made from polypropylene.


Large white marking area for easy samples labeling.


Colored seal closure designed provides a secure sealing and leak-resistant.


Graduations coated on tubes in black or white color to enhance readability without losing precision of samples.


Free-standing or V-shape bottoms design for different lab purposes.

Specification of Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube (Rack)

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
D1001BB50ml conical with black graduation blue cap50050pcs*10bags
D1001BW50ml conical With white graduation blue cap50050pcs*10bags
D1001GB50ml conical with black graduation green cap50050pcs*10bags
D1001GW50ml conical with white graduation green cap50050pcs*10bags
D1002WW50ml self-standing white cap50050pcs*10bags
D1002BB50ml self-standing blue cap50050pcs*10bags
D1003BB15ml conical with black graduation blue cap100050pcs*20bags
D1003BW15ml conical With white graduation blue cap100050pcs*20bags
D1003GB15ml conical with black graduation green cap100050pcs*20bags
D1003GW15ml conical With white graduation green cap100050pcs*20bags
D1003-PS15ml conical with graduation100050pcs*20bags
D100515ml conical1500150pcs*10bags
D10135ml + cap2000200pcs*10bags
D10171.5 ml linked green cap6000500pcs*12bags
D10181.5ml linked red cap6000500pcs*12bags
D10101.5ml with transparent cap6000500pcs*12bags
D102198wells centrifugation tube rack401pc*40bags
D102272wells centrifugation tube rack401pc*40bags
D102381wells centrifuaation tube rack401pc*40bags
D1024two purpose tube rack501pc*40bags
D1027two-purpose centrifuge tube rack (front 1.5ml, reverse side 0.5ml)501pc*50bags


5ml transport vials



Tubes: 200pcs/bag*10bags


10ml transport vials1600


Tubes: 200pcs/bag*8bags

H1013centrifugation rack orange, for 50ml, 15ml501pc*50bags
D200315ml conical With white graduation blue cap100050pcs*20bags

Can Cryovials be autoclaved?

Cryovials are polypropylene tubes that can be autoclaved. Polyethylene, including polypropylene, is classified as a polyolefin, which is a compact-molecular hydrocarbon. It has the same chemical composition as polyethylene, but each unit has a methyl group added to it. Its chemical composition allows it to be non-toxic, non-contaminating, and lighter than water. Polyethylene is the best material for manufacturing cryovials because of the characteristics listed above. Cryovials are meant to retain biological material at low temperatures of around -196 degrees Celsius. At such low temperatures, most materials will degrade, which is why polythene is the best material to use. 

Why do we use centrifuge tubes?

Centrifuge tubes are distinguished from normal tubes by their use in centrifugation. Centrifugation is the process of spinning liquids at high speeds to separate their constituents. The following are the main applications for centrifuge tubes:

  • Sample processing 

   A contamination can sometimes make its way into a sample that needs to be analyzed. The purpose of sample processing is to eliminate the contaminant so that the sample can be investigated properly. This is where centrifugation comes into play. 

  • Medical laboratories

Centrifuge tubes are essential in medical labs for separating components. They can separate organelles from cells and sediment cells and viruses in blood samples. Centrifugation is a critical step in extracting DNA or RNA from a cell.

  • Maintaning your instrumentation

Laboratory instrumentation is expensive and analysts must do their diligence when protecting them from harmful samples. Centrifuge tubes are a key to keeping your equipment healthy and thus your productivity high. 

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D1001BB 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1001BW 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1001GB 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1001GW 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1002WW 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1002BB 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1003BB 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1003BW 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1003GB 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1003GW 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1003-PS 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1004 50ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1005 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1006 10ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1008 5ml*cap Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1013 5ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1015 1.8ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1017 1.5 ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1018 1.5ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1009 2ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1010 1.5ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1011 0.5ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1012 0.2ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1021 98wells Centrifugation Tube Rack D1022 72wells Centrifugation Tube Rack D1023 81wells Centrifuaation Tube Rack D1024 Two Purpose Tube Rack D1027 Two-purpose Centrifuge Tube Rack D1037 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1038 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1039 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube H1013 Centrifugation Rack D2003 15ml Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D1001 Rack Packing D1003 Rack Packing D3027 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3028 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3029 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3030 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3031 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3032 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3033 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3034 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3035 Centrifuge Tube/Cryovial Tube D3036 Centrifuge Tube-Cryovial Tube D3037 Centrifuge Tube-Cryovial Tube
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