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Mouth Piece for Endoscope

The mouthpiece is suitable for gastroscopy and gastroscopic procedures. The patient's upper and lower teeth bite down on the mouthpiece, and in the center is a hollow circular tube through which the gastroscope can enter the mouth for examination without making contact with the patient's teeth. Therefore, the function of the mouthpiece is to prevent the patient from biting the body of the gastroscope tube.

Description of Mouth Piece for Endoscope


Gongdong mouthpieces can be divided into two types: with elastic band and without elastic band.


The mouthpieces are made of high-density polyethylene, and are sterilized by ethylene oxide and aseptically packaged, making them safer to use.


Mouthpieces are disposable items that are destroyed after use and will not cause cross infection.

Specification of Mouth Piece for Endoscope

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
P1010Mouth piece for Endoscope Large1000100pcs/bag*10bags
P1011Mouth piece for Endoscope Medium1000100pcs/bag*10bags
P1018-1Mouth piece for Endoscope with elastic (Large, Small)900Individual Packing

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P1010 Mouth Piece for Endoscope P1011 Mouth Piece for Endoscope P1018-1 Mouth Piece for Endoscope
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