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Sputum Specimen Collection

It is for the collection of sputum specimen and can form the closed collection and transportation of sputum specimen. It is clean, convenient and safe.

Description of Sputum Specimen Collection


Mucus specimen containers with leak-resistant closure made from durable, break-resistant and clear plastic materials to reduce the risk of any cross contamination for superior sepcimen collection, transportation and handling.

Specification of Sputum Specimen Collection

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
K101530ml sputum container5001pcs*500bags
K1018-120ml sputum container (NEW)1000In bulk
K101730ml universal container65025pcs*26bags
K1017-130ml sputum container (skirted bottom)65025pcs*26bags
K101830ml sputum container100010pcs*100bags
K101640ml sputum container5005pcs*100bags
K1019Sputum cassette2000100pcs*10bags
K1023Mucus trap, 40cc501pc/bag*50bags
K1024Mucus trap, 80cc501pc/bag*50bags

When Should a Sputum Specimen Be Collected?

A sputum culture is a sample of the gooey stuff that often comes up from your chest when you have a lung or airway infection. Doctors use it to determine whether bacteria, viruses, or something else is causing your disease.

What is the Collection Container for a Sputum Specimen?

Sputum specimen collection is designed to collect, hold, and stabilize sputum specimens, and available in several sizes, capacities, materials, etc. It can effectively prevent the drying, spill and leakage of sputum specimen. Sputum specimen collection and handling products are performed for patients whose treatement is been monitored or who are suspect of having lung infections, inflammation, or other disease processes.

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K1015 30ml Sputum Container K1018-1 20ml Sputum Container (New) K1017 30ml Universal Container K1017-1 30ml Sputum Container (Skirted Bottom) K1018 30ml Sputum Container K1016 40ml Sputum Container K1019 Sputum Container K1023 40cc Sputum Container K1024 80cc Sputum Container
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