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Serum Separation Tubes

Golden VacTM SST serum separator tube gold-top vacuum blood tubes for serum determinations in chemistry, immunology, and serology tests. The Serum Separation Tube is Serum Blood Collection Tube.

Description of Serum Separation Tubes


Coated with ultrasonically spray-dried microscopic silica particles which activate blood clotting.


Contain an inert polymer gel that separates the serum from the blood clot during centrifugation, preventing contamination of the serum.


Gently mix the blood collection tube by inverting 5-6 times immediately to activate clotting after blood drawing. 


Allow the tube to stand for 30 minutes or until the clot is formed before centrifuging.


Centrifugation: 1800-2200 g for 8-15 minutes at 18-25° C.

Specification of Serum Separation Tubes

Cat. NoVolume/mlSize/mmAdditiveSeparatorMaterialCap ColorClosure
GD040SGC4.013X75Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASS

Cap Color

gold top serum separator tube

Safety Cap+Rubber
GD040SGC24.013X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD050SGC5.013X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD060SGC6.013X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD080SGC8.016X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD080SGCR8.016X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSRubber Stopper
GD085SGC8.516X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD085SGCR8.516X100Clot ActivatorGelPET/GLASSRubber Stopper

All SST serum separator tubes are supplied in 1000pcs or 1200 pcs/ctn.

Gongdong Medical offers a gold-top SST tube.

Customization is supported.

To know more about Serum Separation Tubes, click "What is a yellow-top serum separation tube".

How Do You Separate Serum from SST Tube?

When using a serum separator tube, collect the specimen using standard venipuncture technique. Gently invert the tube five times to mix the clot activator with the blood. Allow the tube to clot for 20-30 minutes in a vertical position. Centrifuge the tube for 10-15 minutes at about 1300-1800 xg. The centrifuge RPMs will differ depending on the centrifuge and rotor used. The gel barrier will develop, keeping the serum and clot apart.

Why Are Serum Separator Tubes Used?

The Serum Separator tube is used when they want to test the serum of the blood. For tests like (NA, K, CL, CO2, LD, HDL) any type of chemistry. It is also used for tests like neonatal bilirubin or an AFP non maternal. There is special gel that separates blood cells from serum, as well as particles to cause blood to clot quickly. The blood sample may then be centrifuged, allowing the clear serum to be removed for testing.

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GD040SGC 4.0ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD040SGC2 4.0ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD050SGC 5.0ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD060SGC 6.0ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD080SGC 8.0ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD080SGCR 8.0ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD085SGC 8.5ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes GD085SGCR 8.5ml Clot Activator Serum Separation Tubes
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