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Test Tubes

The Gongdong test tube series is made of material PP, PS. It is transparent, smooth and high chemically tolerant. Among them. the test tube made of material PP is resistant to weak acid, weak base, organic solvent, and high temperature, which can offer various specifications, flat bottom, round bottom and various lengths. Gondong provides OEM sample tubes, welcome to contact us!

Description of Test Tubes


Equipped with the card cover. The scale is accurate to 1 / 4, 1/2, 2ml.


The total capacity is 12ml. It can withstand 3400 RPM of centrifugal.


The G1017 test tube mouth is provided with a aqueduct for easy drip irrigation of specimens.


The G1017 tube is suitable for pneumatic transmission system.

Specification of Test Tubes

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ItemDescription*GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
G100115*100mm, 10ml2000200pcs*10bags
G100213*100mm, 7ml3000300pcs*10bags
G100313*78mm, 5.5ml4008334pcs*12bags
G100412*60mm, 3.5ml6000400pcs*15bags
G100512*75mm, 5ml4800400pcs*12bags
G100612*78mm, 5.5ml4800400pcs*12bags
G100716*53mm,6ml with cap3000300pcs*10bags
G100913*100mm, 7ml with cap, with 5ml graduation3000300pcs*10bags
G101012*75mm, 5ml with cap, with 2ml graduation4800400pcs*12bags
G101112*60mm, 3.5ml, with 2ml graduation6000400pcs*15bags
G101212*75mm, 5ml, use for BD flow cytometry4008334pcs*12bags
G101312*75mm, 5ml, hexagonal bottom4800400pcs*12bags
G103212ml Test tube wih rubber4800400pcs*12bags
G103116*95mm test tube with pipette1500150pcs*10bags
G101712ml urine cup1500150pcs*10bags
G1017-112ml urine cup with cap1500150pcs*10bags
G1017-2US urine test tue1200200pcs*6bags
G1017-3Urine test tube (new type) with cap2000100pcs*20bags
G101915*50mm, 4.5ml3600400pcs*9bags
G102013*78mm, 5.5ml4800400pcs*12bags
G102112*75mm, 5ml PP4800400pcs*12bags
G102715*150mm 15ml1500100pcs*15bags
G1028Test tube with graduation, 14.7x101mm with cup.
Color: transparent or amber

10 ml liquid storage and transportation

Color: clear


800/Bag (2 Bags/Case), Caps: 200/Bag (8 Bags/Case)


Test Tube 12*75mm, PP



What is the Function of Test Tube?

Test tubes are usually used to observe qualitative biological, biochemical, or chemical processes. They are not used for measuring liquids or solutions in the same way that graduated cylinders are. In the real world, test tubes have several purposes, but in the laboratory, they are most commonly used to:

  • Grow or identify microorganisms

  • Hold bodily fluids or liquid solutions

  • Heat solutions

  • Use as mixing vessels for observing reactions

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G1030 16*100mm Test Tubes G1001 15*100mm, 10ml Test Tubes G1002 13*100mm, 7ml Test Tubes G1003 13*78mm, 5.5ml Test Tubes G1004 12*60mm, 3.5ml Test Tubes G1005 12*75mm, 5ml Test Tubes G1006 12*78mm, 5.5ml Test Tubes G1007 16*53mm, 6ml Test Tubes G1009 13*100mm, 7ml Test Tubes G1010 12*75mm, 5ml Test Tubes G1011 12*60mm, 3.5ml Test Tubes G1012 12*75mm, 5ml Test Tubes G1013 12*75mm, 5ml Test Tubes G1032 12ml Test Tubes G1031 16*95mm Test Tubes G1017 12ml Test Tubes G1017-1 12ml Test Tubes G1017-2 Test Tubes G1017-3 Test Tubes G1019 15*50mm, 4.5ml Test Tubes G1020 13*78mm, 5.5ml Test Tubes G1021 12*75mm Test Tubes G1027 15*150mm 15ml Test Tubes G1028 14.7x101mm Test Tubes D1038 Specimen Tube with Red Cap G1035 Test Tube G1025 Test Tubes G1026 Test Tubes G11021 Test Tubes H1010 Card Cover H1011 Card Cover H1012 Card Cover H1014 Card Cover H1014-1 Card Cover H1014-2 Card Cover G1016 Test Tubes G1018 Test Tubes
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