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Sharps Container

Standard disposable sharps container used to collect sharps waste, including syringes, infusion sets, hypodermic needles, surgical needles, etc.

Description of Sharps Disposable Container


Material: Polypropylene, PVC-free.


Available in a variety of sizes: 1L, 3L, 5L, 7L, 13L; 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 6 gallons; 1 quart, 2 quarts, 5 quarts.


The container is made of puncture-resistant medical plastics; the lid is flip-top or rotating for easy collection and transport.


FDA 510k approval.

Specification of Sharps Disposable Container

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Cat. NoCapacityColorTypeClosureA2(mm)B2(mm)C2(mm)D2(mm)E2 (mm)Qty/ctn.
GDC-03-X3LYellowFree StandingRotary Lid184.4183.3141.8154.3184.348
GDC-05-X5LYellowFree StandingRotary Lid221213.3173.7195.922132
GDC-07-X7LYellowFree StandingRotary Lid241.2224194220.4241.224
GDC-013-X13LYellowSide KnobRotary Lid300.2394.3220.7253.6300.220
GDC-01-F1LYellowFree StandingFlip Lid102.5166.470.4122102.560
GDC-03-F3LYellowFree StandingFlip Lid158.1190.6112.8188.458.148
GDC-05-F5LYellowFree StandingFlip Lid199210.1149.1226.219932
GDC-07-F7LYellowFree StandingFlip Lid223.9223.6170.5241.4220.924
SC-01Q1 QuartRedOne-handedSliding Lid/////60
SC-02Q2 QuartRedOne-handedSliding Lid/////60
SC-05Q5 QuartRedWall MountAlways Open/////20
SC-01G1 GallonRedWall MountSliding Lid/////24
SC-02G2 GallonRedWall MountSliding Lid/////24
SC-06G6 GallonRedSide KnobSliding Lid/////12
SCT5050mlTransparentPortable Sharps Shuttle ContainerLock-safe cap/////24

Can you reuse a sharps container?

Sharps containers designed to prioritize safety. The sharps container's reuseability is determined by whether your container is disposable or reusable. Some high-risk and hazardous medical wastes are collected using disposable sharps containers. Reusable sharps containers minimize the need to buy and dispose of single-use sharps containers or cardboard medical waste boxes, saving money while also protecting the environment.

How do I dispose of a sharps container near me?

  • When your sharp containers are full, they must be hauled away from the facility by a reputable medical waste management provider.

  • Postal sharps containers can be employed by businesses that generate less sharp object trash.

  • Reusable sharps containers are given to the healthcare facility with simple instructions and a pre-paid box that can subsequently be returned.

  • Patients who must dispose of diabetic syringes and other sharps objects from their homes should also utilize these containers.

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