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Face Shield

Face shields serve to protect the face from particles and splash. Gongdong OEM face shield protects the entire face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth, and provides lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting protection that is appropriate for medical use.

Description of Face Shield


Gongdong OEM face shield is made of polyethylene terephthalate.


It can be used in conjunction with a N95 mask, goggles, glasses or be worn alone without fogging up.

Specification of Face Shield

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ItemDescription*GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
GDF01Disposable face shield, PET, Size: 33-22cm
Thickness: 0.18 + 0.05mm
2001pc/Polyethylene film bags*10pcs/PE bag*20PE bags

What are the benefits of wearing a face shield?

Face shields are used to protect your eyes, nose, mouth and face from flying objects and liquids. They are not a good substitute for face masks because they do not offer the same protection against COVID-19. Understand when they should be used, know their limitations, and follow guidance from your local public health authorities. 

How should a face shield be worn?

  • Bend forward slightly, gripping the face shield straps with both hands. Do not touch the face shield's front.

  • With your thumbs, stretch the elastic behind your head so that the foam sits on your forehead.

  • Check that the shield covers the front and sides of your face and that no portions are left uncovered. The forehead band should be about 3cm above your brows, with the shield's bottom about below chin level.

  • You must constantly keep your shield down. The shield should never be pushed all the way up.

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GDF01 PET Disposable Face Shield
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