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Cell Scraper

GongdongTM disposable cell scrapers are designed to provide maximum accessibility to the entire growth surfaces in a variety of culture vessels like cell culture flasks. Used in bio- or pharmaceutical laboratories. The flexibility of its joint between the blade and handle to provide multiple angles to make it easy to access into the neck of a flask or a bottle to remove cells from the entire growth surface for a better cell culture harvest.

Description of Cell Scraper


For gentle mechanical removal of adherent cells by providing maximum accessibility to the growth surfaces.


Flexible joint provides easy access to the growth area on the neck of a flask to achieve the maximum cell harvest.

Specification of Cell Scraper

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ItemDescription of GoodQuantity (pcs)Packing
K1032-L29cm Cell Scraper100Individual Packing
K1032-S25cm Cell Scraper100Individual Packing
K1039143E  EO Cell Scraper1000Individual Packing
K1041Cell Scraper4000Individual Packing

Do cell Scrapers damage cells?

Cell scrapers are meant to collect cells from tissue culture flasks, dishes, or bottles in a gentle manner. The soft, pliable blade will not harm cells or scrape surfaces. The pivoting blade The Cell Scraper has a free revolving blade that may be adjusted to any position, allowing access to all corners of the flask or tissue culture medium.

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K1032-L 29cm Cell Scraper K1032-S 25cm Cell Scraper K1039 Cell Scraper K1041 Cell Scraper K1040-S Cell Scraper K1040-L Cell Scraper
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