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Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

Transfer Pipette

Plastic pipette fills the fragile defect of glass tube and ends the history of glass tubes and rubber plug for the transfer of high-risk contagiousness liquids.

Description of Transfer Pipette


The interior of the pipette is smooth and reduces the damage to the tissue structure and cell in the liquid.


It can transfer the liquid sample safely, rapidly and quantitatively.


It is resistant to low temperature and can be sterilized at high temperature.

Specification of Transfer Pipette

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ItemDescription*GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
F101425 ul & 35ul Transfer pipette160002000pcs*8bags
F10151ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
F10163ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
F10163ml Transfer pipette paper plastie bag individual packing steaile25001pcs*100bags*25bags
F1016-11.5ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
F1016-21ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
F1016-33.5ml Transfer pipette4000100pcs*40bags
F1016-41ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
F1016-53.5ml Transfer pipette4000250pcs*16bags
F1016-62ml Transfer pipette4000100pcs*40bags
F1016-75ml Transfer pipette4000250pcs*16bags
F1016-81ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
F1016-92ml Transfer pipette5000250pcs*20bags
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