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Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer


Tweezers come extremely handy for a number of tasks, including picking up tiny bits that are difficult for fingers to easily grasp. Lab personnel or medical staff can use them for moving sterile items from place to place.

Description of Tweezers


Gongdong tweezers are made of high-quality polystyrene.


The products are produced under the supervision of quality inspection, and sampling inspection will be carried out regularly to check whether the products have problems, such as flash, to ensure the quality of products.

Specification of Tweezers

ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
P1012 a/b/c/ePlastic Tweezers (sterile)2500250pcs/bag*10bags
P1012-1Fine-tipped Tweezers (sterile) 10cm long2500250pcs/bag*10bags
P1013Tweezers with tooth (sterile)2500250pcs/bag*10bags
P1014Long Tweezers tooth (sterile)2000200pcs/bag*10bags
P1015Tweezers without tooth (sterile)2500250pcs/bag*10bags
P1016Blue Tweezers (sterile)2500200pcs/bag*10bags
P1038Tweezres 13cm long2000200pcs/bag*15bags

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P1012 a/b/c/e Plastic Tweezers P1012-1 Plastic Tweezers P1013 Plastic Tweezers P1014 Plastic Tweezers P1015 Plastic Tweezers P1016 Plastic Tweezers P1038 Plastic Tweezers P1013-14 Tweezers