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Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated

We supply cell culture flask with treated culture surface and flask with surface for suspension cell culture.

Description of Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated


Available in three sizes: 25, 75 and 175 with flat bottom.


Graduated on both sides.


Vent/close and filter caps available.


Sterilized by irradiation.

Specification of Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated

SerialArticle Number (Product Number)Product NameSpecificationsLid TypeCulture Area (cm2)PCS./BagPCS./Box
25cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated
N111051031SCell Culture Flasks25Screw Cap2510200
N111051032SCell Culture Flasks25Filter Screw Cap2510200
75cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-TreatedN111051033SCell Culture Flasks75Screw Cap755100
N111051034SCell Culture Flasks75Filter Screw Cap755100
175cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-TreatedN111051035SCell Culture Flasks175Screw Cap175530
N111051036SCell Culture Flasks175Filter Screw Cap175530

What Are Cell Culture Flasks Treated With?

There are numerous sorts of cells. They are classified into two groups based on culture methods: adherent cells and suspension cells. Cell culture flasks can be used to cultivate both adherent and suspension cells. The distinction is that when utilized for adherent cell culture, the surface of the consumables must be coated with surface TC.

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25cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated 75cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated 175cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated