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Cell Culture Dishes TC-Treated

TC-treated culture dish for cell and biological tissue cultivation, as well as bacterium detection. Furthermore, the absorbent pad nature of the TC treated culture plate makes it excellent for microbiological identification and detection.

Description of Cell Culture Dishes TC-Treated


Available in two types: The dish with treated surface are suitable for adherent cell culture, and those with non-treated surface are suitable for suspension cell culture.


Clear, transparent and uniform surface suitable for microscopic observation.


Raised upper edge on the lid well matches the bottom to keep stacked dish stable.


Sterilized by irradiation.



Specification of Cell Culture Dishes TC-Treated

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Article Number (Product Number)Product NameSpecificationsCulture Area (cm2)Recommended Capacity (ml)PCS./BagPCS./Box
N111051040SDisposable Petri Dish30x108.52~3.510500
N111051041SDisposable Petri Dish60x1522.84~6.510400
N111051002SDisposable Petri Dish100x2057.611~1810240
N111051005SDisposable Petri Dish150x2014828~501080

What are cell culture dishes treated with?

Cell Culture Dishes are available in Tissue Culture Treated and Non-treated Cell Culture versions. To optimize useful area for growth, the dish surface is smooth and free of striation. The upper rim of the lid fits with the dish brim for a simple and secure stack. For exceptionally effective gas exchange, lids with many small chimbs to shape vents are provided.

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N111051040S Cell Culture Dishes N111051041S Cell Culture Dishes N111051002S Cell Culture Dishes N111051005S Cell Culture Dishes
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