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Ear Curette

Gongdong provides disposable ear curettes with high quality. Ear curettes are surgical tools used to clean the ear canal. The curettes' blunt-ended loop is used to scrape away extra cerumen. This tool is perfect for cleaning the ear canal painlessly and without causing any harm to the underlying tissues.

Description of Ear Curette


The disposable ear curettes from Gongdong are made of supple, smooth polypropylene.


The curette's rounded tip lessens the possibility of injuries and improves patient comfort.


In order to avoid cross-contamination, it is only used once.


The instrument is portable and light enough to carry from one location to another.

Specification of Ear Curette

Item No.SpecificationQuantity (pcs)Measurement (cm)
K1028Ear curettes, Φ147.5mm long160049X33X33
K1029Ear curettes, Φ3.9mm, 145.2mm long160049X33X33
K1030Ear curettes, Φ2.9mm, 146.4mm long160049X33X33
K1031Ear curettes, 148mm long160049X33X33

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K1028 147.5mm Ear Curette K1029 145.2mm Ear Curettes K1030 146.4mm Ear Curettes K1031 148mm Ear Curettes