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Cell Culture Plates

The Gongdong culture plate adopts the most advanced surface treatment technology and manufacturing process of low-temperature polymer material at present in the world. A variety of series product such as cell culture flasks, cell culture plates, isotope flasks and coplin jars can be produced to meet the needs of single cell to large-scale cell and tissue cultures in a 100thousand stage purification plant.

Description of Cell Culture Plates


Available in two types: The plate with treated surface are suitable for adherent cell culture, and those with non-treated surface are suitable for suspension cell culture.


Available with 6, 12, 24, 48 and 96 wells with flat bottom.


Excellent visibility.


Raised well rims reduce the risk of cross contamination.


Reasonable well-cover gap prevents contamination and evaporation of culture media during cell culture.


Designed with one-way cover orientation to reduce mistakes.


Alphanumerically labeled, convenient for experiments.


Raised upper edge on the cover well matches the bottom to keep stacked platesstable for space saving.


Suitable for most equipment and instruments.


Sterilized by irradiation.



Specification of Cell Culture Plates

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
F100172 wells8001 pc*800bags
F100240 wells550/6001 pc*600bags with cap/1pc*550bags no cap
F1003-U96 wells plate ("U" Bottom)2701pc*270bags
F1003-V96 wells plate ("V" bottom)2701pc*270bags
F1003-F96 wells plate (Flat bottom)2701pc*270bags
F100424 wells1701pc*170bags
F100596wells detachable plat, suitable for 12 wells strip2701pc*270bags
F100652 Wells reaction plate2601pc*260bags
F100732 Wells rection plate3601pc*360bags
F100820 Wells plate1801pc*180bags
F102196wells detachable plate, suitable for 8/12 wells strip2701pc*270bags

What Are Cell Culture Plates Treated With?

The TC Plates provide excellent, consistent, and suitable surface support for the attachment and development of animal cells. This surface was created using a patented vacuum plasma process that, due to its precisely controlled conditions, ensures the surface's consistency of behavior. The surface chemistry of untreated polystyrene makes it unsuitable for cell attachment; the TC surface treatment ensures that the surface chemistry gives a consistent surface with both hydrophilic and negative charge characteristics. Increased cell attachment will result from this treatment.

Why Are Coated Plates Required for Cell Culture?

With some cell types, to enhance cell attachment, growth and differentiation, the support's plastic must have a thin layer of polymer polycationic that helps the cells, or tissues, to adhere to the surface. This enhanced surface is obtained by the coating of Poly-Lysine, a synthetic positively charged polymer.

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