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Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

F1006 52 Wells Reaction Plate

The Gongdong culture plate uses the most cutting-edge surface treatment technology and low-temperature polymer production technique, which helps to support healthy subjects growth and ensures that your research yields trustworthy results. 

Key Features and Highlights

  • Available in two types: Adherent cell culture with treated surface, suspension cell culture with non-treated surface.

  • Available with various wells with different bottom.

  • Excellent visibility.

  • Raised well rims reduce the risk of cross contamination.

  • Reasonable well-cover clearance prevents contamination and evaporation of culture media during culture.

  • Designed with one-way cover orientation to reduce mistakes.

  • Alphanumerically labeled, convenient for experiments.

  • Raised upper edge on the cover well matches the bottom to keep stacked plates stable for space saving.

  • Suitable for most equipment and instruments.

  • Sterilized by irradiation.

  • Plyrogen-free.

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