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Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated

We supply cell culture flask with treated culture surface and flask with surface for suspension cell culture.

Description of Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated


Designed with a mouth that gives easy access to entire growth surface.


Has a frosted writing area.


The cap well matches the bottom to keep stacked flask stable for best use of incubator space.



Specification of Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated

Serial Article Number (Product Number)Product NameSpecificationsCap TypeCulture Area (cm2)Recommended Capacity (ml)PCS./BagPCS./Box
25cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-TreatedN111051031SCell Culture Flasks25Screw Cap255~7.510200
N111051032SCell Culture Flasks25Filter Screw Cap255~7.510200
75cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-TreatedN111051033SCell Culture Flasks75Screw Cap7515~22.55100
N111051034SCell Culture Flasks75Filter Screw Cap7515~22.55100
175cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-TreatedN111051035SCell Culture Flasks175Screw Cap17535~52.5530
N111051036SCell Culture Flasks175Filter Screw Cap17535~52.5530

Why T-flask is Used in Cell Culture?

Gongdong offers two types of cell culture flasks: those with treated culture surfaces and those with surfaces for suspension cell culture. Cell culture flasks are specially designed for the rapid growth and multiplication of microbial, insect, or mammalian cells. Cell culture flasks come in sizes of 25, 75, and 125 cm2. For optimal utilization of incubator space, the stacked flasks are kept stable by the cap well matching the bottom. The flask is made with a mouth that allows simple access to the entire growing surface.

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25cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated 75cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated 175cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated
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