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Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated

We supply cell culture flask with treated culture surface and flask with surface for suspension cell culture.

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Description of Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated


Designed with a mouth that gives easy access to entire growth surface.


Has a frosted writing area.


The cap well matches the bottom to keep stacked flask stable for best use of incubator space.



Specification of Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated

Serial Article Number (Product Number)Product NameSpecificationsCap TypeCulture Area (cm2)Recommended Capacity (ml)PCS./BagPCS./Box
25cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-TreatedN111051031SCell Culture Flasks25Screw Cap255~7.510200
N111051032SCell Culture Flasks25Filter Screw Cap255~7.510200
75cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-TreatedN111051033SCell Culture Flasks75Screw Cap7515~22.55100
N111051034SCell Culture Flasks75Filter Screw Cap7515~22.55100
175cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-TreatedN111051035SCell Culture Flasks175Screw Cap17535~52.5530
N111051036SCell Culture Flasks175Filter Screw Cap17535~52.5530

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25cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated 75cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated 175cm2 Cell Culture Flask TC-Treated