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Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

Non Vacuum Blood Tube

Micro collection tube and capillary blood collection tube belongs to non-vacuum blood tube.
non vacuum blood tube

Specification of Non Vacuum Blood Tube

Cat. NoVolume/mlSize/mmAdditiveSeparatorMaterialCap ColorClosure
GDN050EK25.018X55EDTA K2/PPCap ColorScrew Cap
GDN050EK35.018X55EDTA K3/PPScrew Cap
GDN050A5.018X55Plain/PPCap ColorScrew Cap
GDN050CA5.018X55Clot Activator/PPScrew Cap
GDN050SP5.018X55Fluoride Oxalate/PPCap ColorScrew Cap
GDN050LH5.018X55Heparin Lithium/PPCap ColorScrew Cap

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GDN050EK2 5.0ml EDTA K2 Non Vacuum Blood Tube GDN050EK3 5.0ml EDTA K3 Non Vacuum Blood Tube GDN050A 5.0ml Plain Non Vacuum Blood Tube GDN050CA 5.0ml Clot Activator Non Vacuum Blood Tube GDN050SP 5.0ml Fluoride Oxalate Non Vacuum Blood Tube GDN050LH 5.0ml Non Vacuum Blood Tube