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Heparin Tube

Golden VacTM heparin tube is used for drawing heparinized plasma or whole blood for emergency biochemical and hemorheological tests. The Heparin Tube is Plasma Blood Collection Tube.

Description of Heparin Tube


Available in lithium heparin and sodium heparin.


The anticoagulant heparin activates antithrombin, which blocks the clotting cascade and thus produces a whole blood/plasma sample.


Lithium heparin has no interference with all ion detection during testing, including sodiumion.


Immediately after draw, gently invert the tube 8-10 times in order to activate adequate anticoagulant.


Centrifugation: ≤ 1300 g (RCF) for 10 minutes at 18-25° C.

Specification of Heparin Tube

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Cat. NoVolume/mlSize/mmAdditiveSeparatorMaterialCap ColorClosure
GD020LH213X75Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASS

Cap Color

green heparin tube

Safety Cap+Rubber
GD030LH313X75Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD040LH413X75Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD050LH513X75Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD060LH613X100Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD070LH713X100Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD080LH816X100Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD090LH916X100Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD0100LH1016X100Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD0100LHR1016X100Lithium Heparin/PET/GLASSRubber Stopper
GD020SH213X75Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD030SH313X75Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD040SH413X75Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD050SH513X75Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD060SH613X100Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD070SH713X100Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD080SH816X100Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD090SH916X100Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD0100SH1016X100Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSSafety Cap+Rubber
GD0100SHR1016X100Sodium Heparin/PET/GLASSRubber Stopper

What is the Difference Between EDTA and Heparin?

EDTA removes calcium, which is required by most coagulation factors. Heparin activates antithrombin, inhibiting thrombin and thereby inhibiting coagulation. Heparin is utilized in clinical chemistry testing for things like cholesterol, CRP, hormones, and so on. It interferes with PCR, therefore use EDTA if you want to perform that.

Why is Heparin the Best Anticoagulant?

Heparin is a naturally occurring anticoagulant molecule in the body that prevents blood clot formation (thrombosis). Heparin is manufactured commercially from animal mucous tissue such as ox lungs and pig intestines. Anticoagulant activity and therapeutic utility Heparin reduces blood clotting because the structure's unique pentasaccharide sequence binds aggressively to antithrombin III.

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