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Sodium Heparin Green Top Tube: Indispensable for Blood Tests

The sodium heparin green top tube is an indispensable tool in the medical field, especially in blood testing, thanks to its unique design and performance. The sodium heparin green top tubes not only simplify the blood collection process, but also play a crucial role in storage and testing, greatly enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

The right partner for blood collection and storage

During blood collection, the sodium heparin green top tube, with its built-in heparin anticoagulant, effectively prevents blood from clotting inside the sodium heparin green top tube, thus ensuring the integrity and purity of the blood sample. At the same time, its eye-catching green top logo allows healthcare workers to quickly identify it, which greatly improves work efficiency. In terms of storage, the sodium heparin green top tubes are made of high quality materials with excellent sealing and stability to maintain the freshness and activity of blood samples for a long period of time.

An important safeguard for testing accuracy

The sodium heparin green top tube plays a pivotal role in the blood testing process. Its in-built heparin ensures that the blood sample remains liquid in the tube, providing ideal sample conditions for a variety of testing methods. Whether for biochemical analyses, immunological tests or molecular biology studies, the tubes provide high-quality blood samples for accurate and reliable diagnostic results. In addition, the design of the sodium heparin green top tubes takes into account the mixing of blood and reagents, making the testing process smoother and more efficient.

Tightly guarded safety

To ensure the safety of sodium heparin green top tubes, the manufacturer has adopted strict sterilisation measures and high standards of quality control processes. During the production process, the sodium heparin green top tubes will go through several strict sterilisation processes to ensure sterility and virus-free contamination. At the same time, the manufacturer will also conduct strict quality tests on each batch of products to ensure the safety and reliability of the products. In addition, users are required to follow certain practices when using the test tubes, such as strict aseptic operation and avoidance of contamination, to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

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