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Micro Vacutainer Helps Make Children's Healthcare More Comfortable and Reassuring

In the vast world of paediatric medicine, every little detail has a bearing on a child's health and future. The micro vacutainer, with its compact design and excellent performance, is becoming a shining star in the field of paediatrics, providing children with an unprecedented safe and comfortable medical experience.

A revolutionary tool for newborn blood testing

After a newborn is born, a series of blood tests are necessary to assess its health status. However, traditional blood collection methods often cause pain and discomfort to delicate newborns. The micro vacutainer, with its compact size and precise design, significantly reduces pain and stress during blood collection. At the same time, micro vacutainer's efficient blood collection performance ensures the accuracy and reliability of blood samples, providing doctors with valuable diagnostic information.

A competent partner for childhood vaccination

As blood collection is an integral part of the childhood vaccination process, the micro vacutainer's superior blood collection performance enables the collection of sufficient blood samples quickly and accurately, while ensuring the purity and stability of the samples, effectively avoiding the risk of contamination and cross-infection. In addition, micro vacutainer's compact size and lightweight material make it easy for healthcare workers to operate, greatly improving the efficiency and safety of vaccination work.

The new star of modern medical field

With the rapid development of medical technology, the application of micro vacutainer in the modern medical field is also expanding. In the field of gene sequencing, micro vacutainer provides researchers with high-quality blood samples by virtue of its efficient and precise blood collection performance, which provides a strong guarantee for the accuracy and reliability of gene sequencing. In the field of precision medicine, micro vacutainer even realises fast and accurate sample collection and processing by virtue of its compactness and high efficiency, which provides strong support for precise diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Gongdong's 0.5ml micro vacutainer are mainly used for the collection, storage, pre-processing and transport of capillary blood samples. It is suitable for newborns, infants, ICU bedridden patients and other ICU patients and other patients who are unable to collect venous blood (e.g. severe burns). It is also suitable for the collection of small venous blood samples (usually less than 1ml). Gongdong's researchers are committed to developing the micro vacutainer to be more compact and efficient, making the process of testing children more comfortable and reassuring.

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