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Cell Culture Products

Cell Culture Products Manufacturing

As the source of life, the cell is the basic structural and functional unit of human beings. With the continuous exploration of life science research, cell culture and detection technologies play an increasingly important role in the field of biotechnology. The culture and detection of cells cannot be done without the cell culture consumables.

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Benefits of Cell Culture Products

Gongdong cell culture plasticware has polystyrene of good optical properties and can be surface treated. The polystyrene we used has passed the USP ClassVl testing and has been irradiation-sterilized as described in the lSO standard.

Pyrogen and endotoxin are a mixture of heat-stable organisms harmful to cell growth and proliferation. Our cell culture products are free of pyrogen and endotoxin and we will perform a test to detect the mixture. Friends who need to buy cell culture consumables, welcome to contact Gongdong Medical.

Production Advantages of Cell Culture Products

We supply cell culture products with consistent high quality to help ensure you get the most reproducible and reliable results in your research.

We offer cell culture products with surface areas ranging from 0.33 to25,240 c㎡ for convenient scaled-up culture. Our culture surfaces are suitable for most applications.

Our cell culture products are manufactured using only high-quality raw materials that comply with USP Class Vl testing. All the products are tested with four cell lines to ensure monolayer formation and uniform closing efficiency.

Our cell culture products are manufactured in the factories certified tolSO 13485:2016.

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