Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer
Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

Embedding Cassette

Openings to ensure efficient fluid exchange and drainage to hold tissue specimens during processing, embedding and storage.

embedding cassette

Description of Embedding Cassette


Made from a special high-density plactic of polymer(POM).


With a writing area at 45° angle.


Cassette lids can be removed and recovered easily.

Specification of Embedding Cassette

ltemDescription of GoodsQuantityPacking
F1009Embedding Cassette5000500pcs*10bags
F1010Embedding Cassette White40005oopcs*8bags
F1011Embedding Cassette Green27003oopcs*9bags

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F1009 Embedding Cassette F1010 Embedding Cassette White F1011 Embedding Cassette Green