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Vaginal Speculum

There are two types of vaginal speculum in Gongdong, including normal vaginal speculum and light vaginal speculum. The vaginal speculum is one of the most commonly used apparatuses by gynecologists.

Description of Vaginal Speculum


We have a wide selection of disposable vaginal speculum in all size from small to large.


The vaginal speculum is composed of two blades and a handle.


It can open and close between the maximum angles, can be operated by one hand, and each gear can be closed flexibly.


The vaginal speculum has got FDA approved, which has been sold well around the world and has been widely recognized.

Specification of Vaginal Speculum

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
P1001Vaginal Speculum Large, Middle, Small10010pcs/bag*10bags
P1002-LVaginal speculum, Lighe souce style, large808pcs/bag*10bags
P1002-MVaginal speculum, Lighe souce style, Medium10010pcs/bag*10bags
P1002-SVaginal speculum, Lighe souce style, Small10010pcs/bag*10bags

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P1001 Vaginal Speculum P1002-L Vaginal Speculum P1002-M Vaginal Speculum P1002-S Vaginal Speculum
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