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Cell Bottle

GongdongTM disposable PET/PC media/square bottle, made from crystal clear, lightweight virgin plastic materials, is ideal for media preparation and storage. Used in bio- or pharmaceutical laboratories to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Description of Cell Bottle


Square PET/PC media bottles with closure made from durable, break-resistant and clear plastic materials to reduce the risk of cross contamination.




Molded-in graduations for easy observation. Bottles packed individually and ideal for packaging of biological and diagnostic reagents.

Specification of Cell Bottle

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ItemDescription of GoodQuantity (pcs)Packing
PET250PET Cell Bottle 250ml1001pc*100bags
PET500PET Cell Bottle 500m1001pc*100bags
PET1000PET Cell Bottle 1000ml481pc*48bags

What is a culture bottle?

  • A culture bottle is a type of laboratory consumables used to grow microorganisms or tissue cells in biology and related sciences.

  • Cell culture bottles allow safe storage of media, buffers and lab samples. The clear bottles have wide openings for ultracentrifugation processes.

  • Cell culture bottles support the cultivation of microorganisms, plants, algae and organisms, providing the required large surface area to volume ratio.

What's the difference between tissue culture and cell culture?

Cell culture is the removal of cells from an animal or plant and subsequent growth in a favorable artificial environment, whereas tissue culture is the development of cells taken from living tissue in an artificial medium.

Tpyes of cells:

In tissue culture, plant and animal cells are used, but in cell culture, multicellular eukaryotic cells are used.


Tissue culture and organ culture are the two primary ways of cell culture, while seed culture, embryo culture, callus culture, and protoplast culture are some types of tissue culture.


Tissue cultures can be used to micropropagate plants, whilst cell cultures can be utilized to create biological substances.

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