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Sponge Holder

The sponge holder is shaped like a scissor, with ratcheted handles and looped, smooth, or serrated jaws. In order to reduce harm during surgery, sponge holders are used by many medical carers. And, it also enables medical carers to hold and manipulate swabs or sponges gently and precisely.

sponge holder

Description of Sponge Holder


Gongdong sponge holder is made of medical grade polystyrene.


It comes in a variety of lengths and colors.


We can customized the products according to customers' requirements.


Individually packaged and sterilized sponge holders are suitable for use in clinic.

Specification of Sponge Holder

ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
P1020Sponge Holder 23cm Long50050pcs/bag*10bags
P1021Sponge Holder 18cm Long50050pcs/bag*10bags
P1022Sponge Holder 11cm Long1200100pcs/bag*12bags
P1023Sponge Holder 10cm Long1200100pcs/bag*12bags
P1024Sponge Holder 14cm Long clamp1200100pcs/bag*12bags
P1025Sponge Holder 14cm Short clamp1200100pcs/bag*12bags

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P1020 23cm Sponge Holder P1021 18cm Sponge Holder P1022 11cm Sponge Holder P1023 10cm Sponge Holder P1024 14cm Sponge Holder P1025 14cm Sponge Holder