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Pipette Tip

The special Gongdong OEM pipette tip is used to ensure the accuracy and precision of the experiment. The precision pipette tip provides optimum reproducibility and accuracy standard tip and tip with filter can be disinfected and sterilized in high pressure. The unique filter element silicified tip does not hang the residual liquid, which guarantees the accuracy of quid transfer to the utmost. It almost meets and fits the requirements of most commercially available pipettes. It is also equipped with a variety of tip boxes.

Description of Pipette Tip


Pipette tips are used in conjunction with pipettes and pipettors to expedite processing while reducing cross-contamination.


They are available in a variety of materials and shapes.


The special Gongdong pipette tip can ensure the accuracy and precision of the experiment.


And it practically satisfies and fits the specifications of the majority of commercially available pipettes.

Specification of Pipette Tip

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
E1004250ul Φ4*49mm40000500pcs*80bags
E1005250ul Φ6*50mm50000500pcs*100bags
E10061000ul Φ8*71mm10000100pcs*100bags
E10071000ul Fit For Eppendorf10000100pcs*100bags
E1008300ul Fit For Eppendorf300001000pcs*30bags
E10090.1-10ul Φ4*49mm Fit For Eppendorf600001000pcs*60bags
E10100.10-10ul Φ5*32mm Fit For Gilson600001000pcs*60bags
E1011200ul Φ6*50mm (Yellow) Fit For Gilson50000500pcs*100bags
E1012200ul Φ6*50mm (Graduation) Fit For Gilson300001000pcs*30bags
E10131000ul Φ8*71mm Fit For Gilson10000100pcs*100bags
E10140.10-10ul Φ5*32mm Fit For Finland600001000pcs/bag*60bags
E101540-200ul0.50-10ul Φ6*50mm Fit For Finland300001000pcs/bag*30bags
E1016250ul Φ6*52mm Fit For Finland250001000pcs/bag*25bags
E1017200-1000ul Φ8*71mm Fit For Finland10000100pcs/bag*100bags
E1018200-1000ul Φ8*71mm Fit For Switzerland10000100pcs/bag*100bags
E101950-200ul Φ6*50mm Fit For Switzerland50000500pcs/bag*100bags
E1010-110ul With Filter600001000pcs/bag*60bags
E1021-1200ul With Filter300001000pcs/bag*30bags
E1020-11000ul With Filter10000500pcs/bag*20bags
E1032Fit For ADDCON10000100pcs/bag*100bags
E1033Fit For Siemens864024box/carton
E1034Fit For TECAN Freedom EVO 200 MAC 96 Workstation24000(1000pcs*bags) / box*12boxs
E1035Fit For TECAN Freedom EVO 200 MAC 96 Workstation24000(1000pcs*bags) / box*12boxs
E31001000ul Fit For TECAN4608192pcs/box*24boxs
E3101200ul Fit For TECAN4608192pcs/box*24boxs
E450350-300ul Fit For Finland11520384pcs/box30*boxs

What are the types of pipette tips?

  • Filter Tips: Filtered pipette tips assist limit the possibility of aerosol formation in the laboratory. They also keep pipette shafts clean and decrease the possibility of cross contamination.

  • Long Tips: They are suitable for lab instruments such as deep well blocks and microcentrifuge tubes, where contamination can be avoided.

  • Short Tips: Small tips assist in targeting smaller wells. Furthermore, they allow you to pipette close to the bench, reducing arm stress and improving ergonomics.

  • Low Retention Tips: These tips are meant to hold less liquid, resulting in a more precise and consistent stream of results.

  • Wide Bore Tips: Use wide bore tips when handling vulnerable cell samples, such as cell lines and violent materials. When the sample is transported through a larger aperture, it avoids flow resistance and shearing of the cellular components.  

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