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Petri Dish

The split format Petri dish is used for bacterial cultures that require the separation of curved surface. The mesh distance is 10mmx10mm. The numbers and alphabetic numbers are convenient for location identification and counting.

Description of Petri Dish


Clear, transparent, and uniform surface suitable for microscopic observation.


Raised upper edge on the lid well matches thebottom to keep stacked dish stable.


Sterilized by irradiation.



Specification of Petri Dish

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
K100115cm Petri dish180Individual Packing
K10029cm Petri dish Φ9*2.0cm50010pcs*50bags
K100390x15mm Two-compart50010pcs/bag*50bags
K1004-J90x15mm Petri Dish50010pcs/bag*50bags
K1004-J-3 Vents90x15mm 3vents Petri Dish50010pcs/bag*50bags
K1004-M90x 15mm for machine Petri Dish50010pcs/bag*50bags
K1004-T90x15mm vents Petri Dish50010pcs/bag*50bags
K100570x15mm Petri dish60010pcs/bag*60bags
K100665x15mm Petri dish65010pcs/bag*65bags
K100755x15mm Petri dish100010pcs/bag*100bags
K100830x15 Petri dish200010pcs/bag*200bags
K100914cm Petri Dishes18010pcs*18bags

Why petri dishes are used?

Petri dishes are commonly used as laboratory equippment in biology and chemistry.

  • The dish is used to cultivate cells by storing them and keeping them from being infected.

  • Because the dish is transparent, it is easy to see the many stages of microbial development.

  • Due to the size of the Petri dish, it can be observed directly under the microscope without being transferred to a microscopic plate.

  • A Petri plate is utilized in schools and colleges for activities such as seed germination observation.

What are the types of Petri dishes?

  • According to the material the Petri dishes can be divided into Glass Petri dishes and Plastic Petri dishes.

  • When selecting Petri dishes, buyers can specify the desired diameter and may select products that are reusable or disposable. Reusable Petri dishes are usually thicker than standard glass or plastic labware, and can withstand heavier workloads. Disposable dishes such as the ones below are less expensive and lighter weight.

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