Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer
Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

K1004-T 90x15mm Petri Dish

Gongdong petri dishes are designed and produced under the highest quality standards for optimal performance and ease-of-use to offer excellent optical quality for healthy cells growth. 

  • Material: PS 

  • Shelf life: 2 years

Key Features and Highlights of Petri Dish

  • Routine performance testing, assures consistent culture conditions for reproducible results.

  • Uniform wall thickness ensures distortion-free bottom.

  • Flat growth surface & Maximal transparency. Allows excellent analysis.

  • Raised upper edge on the lid well matches the bottom to keep stacked dishes stable.

  • Cover with the vent, exchanges gas stablely.

  • Suitable for most equipment and instruments.

  • Manufactured under ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system.

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