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Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated

Non-Treated Cell Culture Plates are appropriate for a wide range of cell culture applications. The plates are sterile and ready for use in an aseptic environment, with a clear, untreated, hydrophobic polystyrene surface. The accompanying cover is non-reversible and prevents cross-condensation between wells. These plates stack for convenient handling and storage.

Description of Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated


Available in two types: The plate with treated surface are suitable for adherent cell culture, and those with non-treated surface are suitable for suspension cell culture.


Excellent visibility.


Reasonable well-cover gap prevents contamination and evaporation of culture media during cell culture.


Alphanumerically labeled, convenient for experiments.


Suitable for most equipment and instruments.



Specification of Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated

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Article Number (Product Number)Product NameSpecificationsCulture Area (cm2)PCS./BagPCS./Box
N111051029SDisposable Petri Dish69.6175
N111051024SDisposable Petri Dish123.8175
N111051025SDisposable Petri Dish241.9175
N111051026SDisposable Petri Dish480.38175
N111051030SDisposable Petri Dish960.33150

What are cell culture treated plates?

The cell culture treated plates provide excellent, consistent, and suitable surface support for the attachment and development of animal cells. This surface was created using a patented vacuum plasma process that, due to its precisely controlled conditions, ensures the surface's consistency of behavior. The surface chemistry of untreated polystyrene makes it unsuitable for cell attachment; the TC surface treatment ensures that the surface chemistry gives a consistent surface with both hydrophilic and negative charge characteristics. Increased cell attachment will result from this treatment.

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N111051029S Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated (6 Wells) N111051024S Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated N111051025S Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated N111051026S Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated N111051030S Cell Culture Plate Non-Treated (96 Wells)
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