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Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer


26 2022.08
The Development History of International Consumables in Laboratory
1. The era of glass consumables in laboratoryTo understand the development process of international lab consumables, it can be said that the history of international lab consumables giant Corning is a...
19 2022.08
Development and Opportunities Brought by the Popularization of Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Industry
1. Most of the vacuum blood collection tubes are ordinary glass tubes and plastic tubesOrdinary glass tubes are prone to hemolysis due to the high pH value, while the glass test tubes made by the tube...
12 2022.08
Materials and Additives of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes
Ⅰ. Material of vacuum blood collection tubeMaterial of the vacuum tube used to collect blood: blood collection tubes are mostly ordinary glass tubes and plastic tubes.Ordinary glass tubes are prone t...
05 2022.08
The Use of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes of Different Colors
Before I started nursing, I saw small bottles in a hospital with many colors and the only thing I knew was that they were used for blood collection. After studying nursing, I realized that there are n...
02 2022.06
Eight Different Colors Of Vascular Use
The different colors of the standard vacuum sampling head cover and label represent different additive types and test purposes, so the corresponding test tubes can be selected according to requirement...
02 2022.04
Analysis Of Cranial Cover And Materials Related To Vacuum Vasculature
The color of the head cover of the vacuum blood collection vessel is marked with the international common head cover color for blood collection.Vacuum blood collection head cap1. Common head cover(1) ...
02 2022.03
Analysis Of Common Problems In Vacuum Blood Collection System
Because of its special blood collection design, vacuum blood collection vessels have brought many conveniences to clinic and patients, and have been widely used in clinic. However, in the process of u...
02 2022.02
What Are The Detailed Classifications Of Centrifugal Tubes?
There are thousands of consumables in modern laboratories, and those familiar and frequently used ones may be pipe consumables, such as centrifugal pipes. Centrifuge tubes, as the name suggests, are m...
02 2022.01
Use Method And Matters Needing Attention Of Microcentrifuge Tube
Micro centrifuge tube is a small centrifuge tube, also known as EP (Eppendorf) tube, which is used together with micro centrifuge for the separation and centrifugation of micro reagents.In 1963, the f...