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Blood Collection Tube Holder: The Perfect Fusion of Portability and Multi-function

One of the most routine examination items in the medical field is blood testing. Blood contains our genetic code and can reflect our physical condition. Blood collection is a core task, and its smooth execution is crucial to safeguarding patient health. To this end, we deeply explored the design of the blood collection tube holder, striving to find the perfect balance between portability and versatility. Gongdong's blood collection tube holder for collecting blood samples.  A safe lancet device specifically designed for venipuncture, with a transparent tube for optimal observation of venous blood return.

Lightweight and portable, making work easier

In the design of the blood collection tube holder, we first focused on its portability. To achieve this goal, we use lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, which are not only strong and durable, but also lightweight and portable, greatly reducing the burden on medical workers. At the same time, we have streamlined the structural design of the stand and removed unnecessary decorations and redundant parts to make it more concise, clear, and easy to carry and operate.

Multifunctional integration to adapt to diverse needs

In addition to portability, we also focus on the versatility of the blood collection tube holder. This blood collection tube holder is compatible with blood collection tubes of various specifications to meet the needs of various testing projects. At the same time, we designed an adjustable clamping device so that blood collection tube holder can tightly hold test tubes of different sizes to ensure the stability of the collection process. In addition, we have integrated practical functions such as a test tube label slot and a test tube cover placement area to further improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of contamination.

Stable and anti-slip, ensuring safety and worry-free

During the blood collection process, stability and non-slip properties are crucial. In order to ensure that the test tube will not shake or slip during the collection process, we adopted a weighted bottom design and added anti-slip pads. At the same time, the clamping device of the bracket is carefully designed and has sufficient firmness to ensure the stability of the test tube during the collection process. In addition, we also use anti-slip materials and anti-slip textures to further increase the friction on the surface of the stand and ensure its stability and anti-slip properties.

Designing a blood collection tube holder that is both lightweight and has multiple functions is a profound insight into and satisfaction of the needs of medical workers and patients. Gongdong, which has both professionalism and strength, has successfully integrated portability and multi-functionality by comprehensively considering many aspects such as material selection, structural design and functional integration, while ensuring improved stability and anti-slip properties. In addition, we particularly emphasize that Gongdong blood collection tube holder is specially designed for safe blood collection and is compatible with conventional and multi-sample blood collection needles.  The disposable design of the stent reduces the risk of exposure to blood-borne infections compared with reusable stents.

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