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Sodium Heparin Green Top Tubes: A Powerful Assistant in Modern Clinical Practice

During our physical examination, we often find that blood testing is a necessary item. From the blood, we can clearly understand the health status of the body. Blood tests are undoubtedly the "golden key" to diagnosing diseases, assessing health status, and monitoring treatment effects. Among them, sodium heparin green top tubes have long become an indispensable member of clinical laboratories due to their excellent design and performance. Today, we will explore the many uses and significant advantages of this sodium heparin green top tube in modern clinical practice.

Meet the comprehensive needs of blood testing and demonstrate multi-purpose benefits

Sodium heparin green top tubes contain heparin anticoagulant. This feature enables sodium heparin green top tube to effectively prevent blood coagulation, ensuring the stability and reliability of samples during collection and storage. Therefore, whether it is biochemical analysis, immunological testing, or molecular biology testing, this test tube can easily handle it, providing clinical laboratories with high-quality blood samples and meeting diverse testing needs.

Convenient operation and straight-line improvement of work efficiency

Compared with traditional blood collection containers, sodium heparin green top tubes are easier to operate. Its unique green top logo allows medical staff to quickly identify and select it, greatly reducing the risk of mis-selection during operation. At the same time, the design of the sodium heparin green top tube also fully considers the mixing of blood and reagents, making the detection process smoother and more efficient. This not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces the work pressure of medical staff.

Safe and reliable: the guardian who protects patients' health

In terms of safety, sodium heparin green top tubes also perform well. The manufacturer adopts strict sterilization methods and safety standards to ensure that each test sodium heparin green top tube meets the standards of sterility and virus contamination. At the same time, the test sodium heparin green top tube is made of high-quality materials with excellent sealing and stability, and can maintain the freshness and activity of blood samples for a long time. These measures provide solid protection for patients and effectively reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis due to sample contamination or deterioration.

Gongdong's sodium heparin green top tube is used for drawing heparinized plasma or whole blood for emergency biochemical and hemorheological tests. It is worth mentioning that Gongdong's sodium heparin green top tube can be used to store lithium heparin and sodium heparin, and protect lithium heparin during the test process. No interference with all ion detection, including sodium ions. As a professional and responsible manufacturer of sodium heparin green top tube, we provide customized services to meet the industry requirements of various companies.

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