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Blood Collection Needle

Used for blood collection. All needles are supplied in 4000 pcs/ctn. Blood collection needles avoid the potential multiple sticks of the same patient with instant confirmation of needle placement, through a unique visual flashback indication.                    

Description of Blood Collection Needle

Easily identified by different color.
Thin-walled design, big inner dia., so the flow rate is high.
Pyrogen free.

Specification of Blood Collection Needle

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Cat. NoSizeColor
GDN18G18GX1 1/2''Pink
GDN20G20GX1 1/2''Yellow
GDN21G21GX1 1/2''Green
GDN21G221GX1 1/4''Green
GDN22G22GX1 1/2''Black
GDN22G22GX1 1/4''Black
GDN23G23GX1 1/2''Blue
GDN21GFBFlash Back Needle 21Gx1”Green
GDN22GFBFlash Back Needle 22Gx1”Black
GD-BF21GButterfly Needle 21Gx3/4''Green
GD-BF22GButterfly Needle 22Gx3/4''Black
GD-BF23GButterfly Needle 23Gx3/4''Blue

What Color Needle is Used for Blood?

  • Three of the most frequent needle sizes are 21, 22, and 23 gauge.

  • The 21g needle, which is commonly color-coded with a green code covering, allows blood to flow at a steady rate, reducing collection time.

  • The 22g needle may help the phlebotomist with slightly narrower veins on older children or adult patients. This needle, which has a black color code covering, can be assembled with the more typical multi-sample needle ETS system.

  • The 23g needles are used when a person’s vein is much narrower than average. It is light blue color coded.

What Size Needle is Used for Blood Draws?

Unlike standard measurement systems, gauge numbers and needle size have an inverse relationship. The needle width narrows as the gauge number increases. The most widely used needles in the medical industry range from number 7, the largest, to number 33, the smallest. The most widely used needles for venipuncture are 21-gauge needles, while 16-gauge needles are commonly used for blood donation because they are thick enough to allow red blood cells to pass through the needle without being broken.

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GDN18G 18GX1 1/2'' Pink Blood Collection Needle GDN20G 20GX1 1/2'' Yellow Blood Collection Needle GDN21G 21GX1 1/2'' Green Blood Collection Needle GDN21G2 21GX1 1/4'' Green Blood Collection Needle GDN22G 22GX1 1/2'' Black Blood Collection Needle GDN22G 22GX1 1/4'' Black Blood Collection Needle GDN23G 23GX1 1/2'' Blue Blood Collection Needle GDN21GFB Blood Collection Needle GDN22GFB Blood Collection Needle GD-BF21G 21Gx3/4'' Green Butterfly Needles GD-BF22G 22Gx3/4'' Black Butterfly Needles GD-BF23G 23Gx3/4'' Blue Butterfly Needles
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