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Test Tube Racks

The unique bottom layer is equipped with silicone gasket, which is made of special plastic, so that the test tube rack is firm and durable, not easy to break, and can hold all kinds of test tubes of all sizes.

Description of Test Tube Racks


As a specialized oem plastic tube containers factory, Gongdong test tube racks are made of whole plastic once, which are range in size, color and composition.


The tube has the advantage of the reasonable design, beautiful appearance, light and durability, and is easy to be cleaned and sterilized.

Specification of Test Tube Racks

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ItemDescription*GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
H100140wells Φ18mm Tube Rack402pcs/bag*20bags
H100250wells Φ15mm Tube Rack402pcs/bag*20bags
H100350wells Φ13mm Tube Rack402pcs/bag*20bags
H1004Pillar-like Φ5*16tube Rack561pc*56bags
H1005Pillar-like Φ5*10tube Rack561pc*56bags
H1018Multi-function Rack501pc*50bags
H1019Doble-deek Multi-function Rack251pc*25bags
H1008Washing plate Natural White2001pc*200bags
H100996 wells sample box for blood storage210in bulk
F1019Reservoir type "V"350Individual Packing
E1026Pipette shelf10in bulk

How to store test tubes?

Using test tube racks is one of the best laboratory organizational techniques available. Test tube holders are a simple way to organize test tubes and keep them from falling and shattering. These containers also provide a secure place to store test tubes, which is especially useful when they are being utilized for ongoing investigations. Test tube holders assist reduce chaos and mess in laboratories that run several experiments and employ a large number of test tubes.

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H1001 40wells 18mm Test Tube Racks H1002 50wells 15mm Test Tube Racks H1003 50wells 13mm Test Tube Racks H1004 5*16 Test Tube Racks H1005 5*10 Test Tube Racks H1018 Multi-function Test Tube Racks H1019 Doble-deek Multi-function Test Tube Racks H1008 Test Tube Racks H1009 Test Tube Racks F1019 Test Tube Racks E1026 Test Tube Racks
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