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Urine Specimen Collection

It is for the collection of urine specimen. It is made of medical plastic and designed in humanization with thick and even wall. Gongdong OEM specimen tube container can form the closed collection transportation and testing of urine, which has solved a series of problems, such as urine specimen submission, supporting the use of computers, pollution, and so on.

Description of Urine Specimen Collection


The product use is clean, convenient and safe, which provides a guarantee for the normalization and standardization of urine analysis from the source.

Specification of Urine Specimen Collection

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ItemDescription of GoodsQuantity (pcs)Packing
K1009Soft urine cup white10000In bulk
K1010Soft urine cup transparent10000In bulk
K102530ml urine container with mouth on cap, 30ml5001pcs*500bags
H101660ml specimen container5001pcs*500bags
H1016-160ml specimen container, PS5001pcs*500bags
H1016-290ml specimen container5005pcs*100bags
H1016-340ml specimen container5001pcs*500bags
H1016-540ml renovate urine container500500pcs/ctn
H1015100ml-120ml specimen container500/1000Individual Packing / 20pcs*50bags Bulk Packing
H1021120ml-140ml Urine container5001pcs*500bags
K1026Urine Transfer Device for Urine Tube, 100ml2501pcs*250bags
K1027Urine Transfer Device for Urine Tube, 100ml2501pcs*250bags
GDO105UAVacuum Urine Tube, Yellow cap No Additive, 16*100mm, 10.5ml12001pcs*1200bags
GDO105UBVacuum Urine Tube, Yellow cap Boric Acid, 16*100mm, 10.5ml12001pcs*1200bags


Urine Transfer Straw,Yellow,PP




Urine Transfer Straw,White,PE




Specimen Container,80CC



H1026Urine Storage Container for 24 hours, 3000ml50In bulk
H1027Urine tube, 16x85mm, 10ml2000200pcs*10bags

What is the Best Specimen for Urine Collection?

The first morning sample, which is the preferred sample for urine analysis and microscopic analysis. Generally speaking, the urine concentration is high at this time, because the urine stays in the bladder for a long time. Therefore, it contains relatively high cell elements and analytes, such as protein, which is convenient for the analysis of results.

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K1009 Soft Urine Cup White K1010 Soft Urine Cup Transparent K1025 30ml Urine Container with Mouth on Cap, 30ml H1016 60ml Specimen Container H1016-1 60ml Specimen Container, PS H1016-2 90ml Specimen Container H1016-3 40ml Specimen Container H1016-5 40ml Renovate Urine Container H1015 100ml-120ml Specimen Container H1021 120ml-140ml Urine Container K1026 Urine Transfer Device for Urine Tube, 100ml K1027 Urine Transfer Device for Urine Tube GDO105UA Vacuum Urine Tube, Yellow Cap No Additive, 16*100mm, 10.5ml GDO105UB Vacuum Urine Tube, Yellow Cap Boric Acid, 16*100mm, 10.5ml GD-H3 Urine Transfer Straw GD-H4 Urine Transfer Straw H1025 Specimen Container 80CC H1026 Urine Storage Container for 24 Hours, 3000ml H1027 Urine Tube, 16x85mm, 10ml GD3510 Urine Specimen Container GD4815 Urine Specimen Container GD4825 Urine Specimen Container GD4834 Urine Specimen Container GD4833 Urine Specimen Container GD5343 Urine Specimen Container H1016-6 Urine Specimen Container
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