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Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated

We supply cell culture plate with treated culture surface and plates with surface for suspension culture.

Description of Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated


Available with 6. 12. 24, 48, and 96 wells with flat bottom.


Raised well rims reduce the risk of cross contamination.


Designed with one-way cover orientation to reduce mistakes.


Raised upper edge on the cover well matches the bottom to keep stacked plates stable for space saving.


Sterilized by irradiation.



Specification of Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated

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Article Number (Product Number)Product NameSpecificationsCulture Area (cm2)Recommended Capacity (ml)PCS./BagPCS./Box
N111051011SDisposable Petri Dish69.61.9~2.9175
N111051037SDisposable Petri Dish123.80.76~1.14175
N111051038SDisposable Petri Dish241.90.38~0.57175
N111051039SDisposable Petri Dish480.380.19~0.29175
N111051012SDisposable Petri Dish960.330.075~0.2150

What is TC Treated Plates?

To make polystyrene plastic appropriate for cell adhesion, it must first be surface treated. Due to the surface chemistry of polystyrene, untreated polystyrene surfaces are not appropriate for cell adhesion. A polystyrene microplate is subjected to a plasma gas during the tissue culture treatment procedure in order to change the hydrophobic plastic surface and make it more hydrophilic.

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N111051011S Cell Culture Plate C-Treated (6 Wells) N111051037S Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated N111051038S Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated N111051039S Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated N111051012S Cell Culture Plate TC-Treated (96 Wells)
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