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Development and Opportunities Brought by the Popularization of Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Industry

1. Most of the vacuum blood collection tubes are ordinary glass tubes and plastic tubes

Ordinary glass tubes are prone to hemolysis due to the high pH value, while the glass test tubes made by the tube-drawing process are densely packed with linear grooves, which lead to cells hanging on the wall due to the irregular depth and thickness.

Some production lines of the tube used to collect blood already use neutral glass (medicinal glass). Neutral glass has the advantages of pressure resistance, less dissolved substances, tight molecular arrangement, and fewer grooves when stretching. Reduce the chance of resampling. And the bottom of the test tube is specially strengthened to avoid damage during centrifugation.

2. Popularity of vacuum blood collection tubes

After more than ten years of application and promotion, the use of vacuum blood collection systems has become quite popular. The test tube materials are divided into two types: plastic and glass. The design uses the principle of negative pressure and is used in conjunction with a disposable venous blood sample collection needle. The blood is automatically dosed into the tube, and different additives are added to meet the needs of the test items and are distinguished by the color and label of the outer tube cap.

The suction volume of the collection container should be between 90% and 110% of the nominal capacity (including liquid additives), and the product should not detect fluorescence during the container leakage test. The container strength test should be able to withstand an acceleration of 3000g without fracture, collapse cracks, or other physical defects.

However, China's industry standard for vacuum blood collection tubes will be officially implemented on August 1, 2008. So far, the product standards of various vacuum blood collection tube manufacturers in China are not the same, so the quality varies greatly. According to the composition of the product and the compatibility of the product technology with laboratory medicine technology, the products seen on the market can be roughly divided into five generations.

Today, the world is in an era of change where opportunities and challenges coexist. Bold innovation and fast efficiency are the keys to success. At the same time, China's domestic disposable consumables market has attracted much attention. Rapid economic growth and huge market potential make China play an increasingly important role on the world economic stage.

GongDong will adhere to the high standard of "from excellent to professional", strictly demand itself, and continuously improve in innovative technology, management, team training, and other directions, and strengthen the company's overall enterprise, the whole process, and full staff control. We adopt advanced management concepts at home and abroad, and strive for continuous development and innovation. Welcome to consult.

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