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The Development History of International Consumables in Laboratory

1. The era of glass consumables in laboratory

To understand the development process of international lab consumables, it can be said that the history of international lab consumables giant Corning is a brief history of international lab consumables.

Corning Corporation is located in Corning Township, upstate New York. Inspired by Edison's invention of the new incandescent bulb-shaped glass cover about 160 years ago, Corning Corporation began to boldly design various glass devices on glass products that are better in hand and easier to clean.

However, due to the relatively low industrial level at that time, such glass devices were still made by hand, and a skilled worker could only make hundreds of glass devices a day. Therefore, even if the glass is easy to observe and easy to clean, the advantages are widely accepted.

However, the cost of using the laboratory is relatively high. Therefore, most of the time after use, it needs to be cleaned and used again. It is only used for one-time use in some special experimental projects. At this time, the glass devices are the earliest lab consumables.

The earliest recorded lab consumables are glass petri dishes, which were designed by the German bacteriologist Julius Richard Petrie (1852-1921) and began to be industrially produced, so the petri dishes are also called "Petri dishes". Petrie Dish".

With the gradual maturity of the glass industry, various glass devices designed to meet experimental use have appeared, and industrialized mass production has gradually begun, which has greatly reduced the use cost of glass consumables. Laboratories in developed countries in Europe and America, Inspection agencies, etc. began to use large-scale disposables, especially in World War II, the United States used many glass devices in the treatment of wounded, such as glass vacuum blood collection tubes were invented at this time.

2. The era of plastic consumables in the laboratory

With the development of science and technology, especially the improvement of human's awareness of various infectious diseases, self-protection awareness and biosafety have been raised to a considerable height, and the original glass consumables are limited by the risk of brittleness. In experimental projects, some accidents that are susceptible to infection and pollution often occur, especially in some inspection projects that require low-temperature storage and long-distance transportation of specimens, it is more difficult for glass consumables to ensure the safety of specimens, so as to meet experimental inspection needs; The contradiction between difficult destruction and modern environmental problems is also becoming increasingly prominent.

In this period, it is imperative to find a material that is both high quality and low price and can solve the above problems to replace the glass. At this time, the deepening product of petroleum, plastic, because it is generally easy to transport, light, and not easy to break, can be almost perfect. It can replace glass, and many plastics can be destroyed at high temperatures without having a great impact on the environment. This has contributed to the widespread use of consumables at one time. Plastic lab consumables began to replace glass lab consumables in a large area.

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