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Blood Collection Tubes Manufacturing Process

1. Material preparation:

  We get all materials well prepared including tube, cap, label, additives, packag in ahead of production.


   Gongdong blood collection tubes are  generally made of glass and plastic. For plastic blood collection tubes, we use advanded moulding machines to make plastic tubes and caps which are applied to collect and storage blood sample. Gongdong can customize the volume of the blood collection tube and the color of the tube cap for customers according to their requirements.


   Gongdong will design labels for customers according to their needs.


Our professional chemical staff will formulate the appropriate additives for the type of blood collection tube.


   All tubes are supplied in 1000pcs/ctn or 1200 pcs/ctn.  


2. Plastic shield and rubber stopper matching:


   Before assembling the plastic shield and rubber stopper , clean and dry the plastic shield and rubber stopper at first.


Using the plastic shield and rubber stopper Combination Machine to match the plastic shield and rubber stopper.


3. Automatic labeling:

Using a labeling machine can efficiently apply stickers or labels on the products like containers, tubes, bottles etc.


4. Adding additives&Gel:

The originally configured additives and gel are added to the tube, the step which is also carried out by the machine. The amount of additive and gel are preset.




5. Cap and tube assembly:

The tubes will be matched with the corresponding coloured caps.

Red Cap: Plain/Clot activator tube

Yellow Cap: Serum separation tube

Purple/Lavender Cap: EDTA K2/K3 tube

Blue Cap: Coagulation tube

Green Cap: Heparin Blood Collection Tubes

Grey Cap: Glucose Tube

Black Cap: ESR Tube


6. Vacuuming:

  Tube is going to be vacuumed (parameter to be preset in computer program of vacuum machine). We will set the required vacuum for the customer according to the altitude of the customer's location to ensure the adequacy of blood collection.




7. Quality inspection:

The quality control staff will carry out random or full inspection of the blood collection tubes to ensure the quality of the tubes. Besides, Gongdong uses infrared spectrum detector to detect whether the blood collection tube additive is added in sufficient amount.




8. Packaging

Finished vacuum blood collection tube will be placed on foam pallet (100 units per rack) with plastic film sealed and a sticker labeled.




Shrinkage Package

9. Sterilization

The racks are packed into cartons in predetermined quantities and the cartons are sent for sterilisation.

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