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Factors Affect the Prices of Blood Collection Tubes

1. Raw Material Costs

1.1 Cap: 

Different types of caps have diverse production processes, which affects the price.

·Rubber stopper:

High quality rubber stopper provides maximum sealing with easy puncturing and reliable self-sealing after needle piercing and preventing any possible interactions with blood samples in tubes.


·Plastic shield:

Gongdong patented non screw safety twist caps with strong, durable construction can be removed with a gentle pull, making outer plastic shield and interior rubber stopper more secured.



1.2 Tube:

Gongdong Tubes are made of medical grade virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET), clear as glass with equal or better performance, offer low permeability to solvents, eliminating breakage when tubes are centrifuged at higher speed or when stopper is removed and reinserted, to reduce risk of tube breakage during handling.


1.3 Additive

  The composition and amount of additives are factors that affect the price. In addition, the fluctuation of additive price will also directly affect the price of blood collection tubes.

The quality and efficiency of various additives from various sources varies. Gongdong buys high-quality additive raw materials from the market and employs professional deployment employees to create additives. The high quality addtive can effectively prevent the disintegration and denaturation of the separation gel during storage and transportation thanks to its stable physical and chemical qualities, robust resistance to high temperatures, and radiation resistance.


1.4 Label

·Paper label

·Plastic label

Gongdong offers the label design according to customers’ requirements.


1.5 Package

Coagulation tube and ESR tube is especially use Aluminum composite bags to provide optimum protection against additive evaporation, UV light, dirt and mechanical influences.


2. Production procedure and quality control

The second cost of making blood collecting tubes is seen in the manufacturing process.

2.1 Production equipment

Machines play a role in the cost of making vacutainers. Machinery expenditures include using a cap combination machine to combine rubber stopper and plastic shield, a labeling machine to efficiently apply labels, dosing, capping, infrared spectrum detector to detect whether the blood collection tube additive is added in sufficient amount, and shrinkage package machine to shrink a tray of blood collection tubes.


2.1 Workshop

The workshop is equipped with fully automated production lines, which distribute to reliable and accurate digital inspection individually using a robotic imaging system.


3. Labour costs

Costs of labor are incalculable. Microtainers and other types of blood collection tubes are produced using a variety of processes. For instance, creating plain tubes requires substantially less human labor than producing microtrainers. As a result, the price of blood collection tubes is also influenced by the cost of labor. However, as Gongdong has achieved a high degree of automation in the production of blood collection tubes, this can greatly reduce the cost of labor.


4. Steriliztion cost

The way of sterilization will affect the cost.

EO: Ethylene oxide sterilization

EB: Electron beam sterilization

Gamma:Gamma sterilization


5. Packaging cost

Packaging with varying costs, such as shrinking, regular carton packaging, or aluminum plastic packaging. Plastic shrinkage is a common and routine operation. Blood collection tubes are packaged using cartons of various qualities and designs depending on the needs of the customer.


6. Shipping cost

Shipping costs are a major concern in today's international business. Finding a shipping spot for the goods is difficult whether they are being shipped by air or by sea. In the meantime, the cost of shipping is rising quickly during the pandemic. Therefore the purchasers' transportation costs are increasing the price of blood collection tubes.


7. Custom cost

Custom costs include creating identifying paperwork for vacutainers used for transit, custom declaration, clearing fees etc.


8. Financial cost

The depreciation rate of blood collection equipment will also directly affect the price of blood collection vessels.


9. Marketing cost

·Cost of advertising media;

·Printing costs of product brochures;

·Exhibition costs;

·Salaries of the promotion department.

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