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Serum Blood Collection Tube

What is Serum Blood Collection Tube?

Serum Blood Collection Tube is a plastic vacuum blood collection tube that contains clot activators, but no anticoagulants, preservatives, or separating materials. It is used to collect serum for specified laboratory tests and separate serum after venous blood collection and is used in clinical chemistry, immunology, and therapeutic drug testing. The role of coagulants is to accelerate blood coagulation, and the use of coagulation tubes can shorten the turnaround time. 

The tube is a one-time negative pressure vacuum glass tube that can realize quantitative blood collection, which needs to be used together with a venous blood collection needle. The principle is to pre-pump the blood collection tube with the head cover to different degrees of vacuum and use its negative pressure to automatically and quantitatively collect venous blood samples. Human venous blood is drawn into the blood sample container through the blood collection needle under the action of negative pressure in the vacuum blood collection tube. Under one venipuncture, multiple tubes can be collected without leakage. The volume of the lumen connected to the blood collection needle is small, and the impact on the blood collection volume can be ignored, but the probability of reverse flow is relatively small. If the volume of the lumen is large, a part of the vacuum degree of the blood collection tube will be consumed, thereby reducing the collection volume.

Gongdong Medical's Serum Blood Collection Tubes

  • Testing Areas: Gongdong Medical's Serum Blood Collection Tube can be used for clinical, biochemistry, immunology, and serology tests. 

  • Additives: Our Serum Blood Collection Tubes can be classified into three different types according to different additives (plain, clot activator, gel & coagulant). They are plain tubes, pro-coagulation tubes, and gel & clot activator tubes.

  • Tube Materials: The main used materials are PS, PP, PET, PC, PETG, Glass, HDPE, LDPE, POM, PA, ABS, PMMA, etc.

  • Tube Sizes (mm): 13*75, 13*100, 16*100

  • Tube Colors: Red plain tube and pro-coagulation tube, yellow gel & clot activator tube.

Size (mm)
Test Item
Serum Blood
Plain TubePlainRedGlass/
plain red tube13*75
and Serology
plastic plain tube 16*100
Clot ActivatorRedGlass/
plain red tube 13*75
plastic plain tube 16*100
Gel & Clot
Activator Tube
Gel & CoagulantYellowGlass/
gel and boagulant tube 13*75
gel clot activator tube 16*100

Serum Blood Collection Tube's Applications

Different colors of tube caps represent different applications. For example, an Ordinary serum tube with a red cap, a blood collection tube without additives, is used for routine serum biochemical, blood bank, and serology-related tests. The rapid serum tube has an orange-red cap, and there is a coagulant in the blood collection tube to accelerate the coagulation process. The rapid serum tube can coagulate the collected blood within 5 minutes and is suitable for emergency serum serial tests.

The inert separation gel accelerator tube has a golden cap, and the inert separation gel and coagulant are added to the blood collection tube. After the sample is centrifuged, the inert separation gel can completely separate the liquid components (serum or plasma) and solid components (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, fibrin, etc.) in the blood and completely accumulate in the center of the test tube to form a barrier. keep it steady. Procoagulants can quickly activate the coagulation mechanism and accelerate the coagulation process and are suitable for emergency serum biochemical tests.

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