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Whole Blood Collection Tube

What is Whole Blood Collection Tube?

A whole blood collection tube is a vacuum negative pressure blood collection tube, which is different from Serum Blood Collection Tube in cap color. It is suitable for general hematological tests, not suitable for coagulation tests and platelet function tests, nor for the determination of calcium ion, potassium ion, sodium ion, iron ion, alkaline phosphatase, creatine kinase, and leucine aminopeptidase and PCR test. The concentration of sodium citrate required for the ESR test is 3.2% (equivalent to 0.109mol/L). The ratio of anticoagulant to blood is 1:4.

It is used for the collection of blood samples for biochemical and immunological examinations in medical testing. It has a wide operating temperature range, the inner wall is specially treated, and extremely smooth, and the high-quality coagulant is evenly dispersed on the inner wall of the blood collection tube, and the blood sample enters the tube. After full contact with it, the blood is completely coagulated within 5-8 minutes, and high-quality serum is obtained by centrifugation, which solves the problems of blood cell coagulation and rupture, hemolysis and fibrin precipitation, and meets the needs of fast outpatient clinics, emergency serum biochemical tests, and complete blood clots. The shrinkage time is 20-25 minutes, the centrifugation speed is 3500-4000 rpm, the centrifugation time is 5-10 minutes, and the recommended storage temperature is 4°C-25°C.

Gongdong Medical's Whole Blood Collection Tubes

  • Testing Areas: Gongdong Medical's whole blood collection tubes can be used for hematology tests (blood routine examination) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate test.

  • Additives: According to different additives, our whole blood collection tubes are divided into two different types (prayed K2·EDTA/ Sprayed K3·EDTA, 3.8%Sodium Citrate Buffer(0.129mol/L)). They are EDTA tubes and ESR tubes.

  • Tube Materials: The main used materials are PS, PP, PET, PC, PETG, Glass, HDPE, LDPE, POM, PA, ABS, PMMA, etc.

  • Tube Sizes (mm): 13*75 , 13*100 , 16*100, 8*120

  • Tube Colors: Purple EDTA tube, black ESR tube.

Size (mm)
Test Item
Whole Blood
EDTA TubeSprayed K2·EDTA/
Sprayed K3·EDTA

Whole Blood collection tube

(Blood Routine


ESR Tube3.8%Sodium Citrate

black Whole Blood collection tube

Rate Test

ESR Tube


Whole Blood Collection Tube's Applications

It is used mainly for hematology tests (blood routine examination) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate tests. Purple head tube (blood routine): The tube contains ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and its salt (EDTA-), which is an amino polycarboxylic acid, which can effectively chelate calcium ions in the blood, and chelation will remove calcium from the reaction. The point is removed, and the endogenous or extrinsic coagulation process is prevented and terminated, thereby preventing blood coagulation. Compared with other anticoagulants, it has less influence on the coagulation of blood cells and the morphology of blood cells, so EDTA salt is usually used. (2K, 3K, 2Na) as anticoagulants. It is used for general hematological examinations such as blood cell counting and classification, and cannot be used for coagulation, trace elements and PCR examinations. Black head tube (sodium citrate 1:4): The tube contains sodium citrate, the concentration of sodium citrate is 3.2% (0.109mol/L) and 3.8%, and the volume ratio of its anticoagulant to blood is 1: 4. Generally, due to the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test, when the proportion of anticoagulant is too high, the blood is diluted, which can speed up the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

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