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Use Method And Matters Needing Attention Of Microcentrifuge Tube

Microcentrifuge tube is a small centrifuge tube, also known as EP (Eppendorf) tube, which is used together with a microcentrifuge for the separation and centrifugation of micro reagents.

In 1963, the first Eppendorf microcentrifuge tube in the world was born in Eppendorf company in Germany, which provides a new tool for micromanipulation experiments in molecular biology. Today, Eppendorf tube has become an indispensable special nickname for small tubes in the laboratory. Then, let's learn about how to use it and the precautions.

Usage of microcentrifuge tube:

1. Because the graduated centrifuge tube is a measuring instrument, it must be cleaned and dried before use.

2. When reading the microcentrifuge tube, you must correctly observe the meniscus, otherwise, a certain error will be introduced.

3. When in use, the number of microcentrifuge tubes should be determined according to the model of the centrifuge. If a centrifuge with two sleeves is used for a single test, the same volume of liquid must be filled into the other centrifuge tube to maintain balance.

4. The microcentrifuge tube should match the centrifuge casing. The pipe should not be too long, otherwise, it is easy to break when rotating. But it should not be too short. Too short pipes are unstable when rotating in the air and are easy to cause breakage. If it is too thick, it cannot be inserted. If it is too thin, it is unstable when rotating. The round mouth should be larger than the inner diameter of the casing.

5. After the microcentrifuge tube is sleeved into the casing of the centrifuge for layered separation, it should be stopped naturally when the rotation is stopped, and it must not be forced to stop by an external force.

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Precautions for microcentrifuge tubes

When using microcentrifuge tubes, we should not use one tube many times, but pay attention to sample volatilization and leakage of some radioactive or corrosive samples; In the storage process, it is necessary to seal well; The microcentrifuge tube should be prevented from deformation during use.

1. Do not put any substance on the centrifuge cover of the microcentrifuge tube. Be sure to clean the inner cavity and rotating head after each use.

2. If the high-speed microcentrifuge has not been used for a long time, the centrifuge cover should be opened for a period of time before use to dry the inner cavity.

A high-speed microcentrifuge is a conventional laboratory centrifuge, which is widely used in scientific research, education, and production departments such as biology, chemistry, and medicine. It is suitable for the rapid separation and synthesis of trace samples.

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