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Analysis Of Cranial Cover And Materials Related To Vacuum Vasculature

The color of the head cover of the vacuum blood collection vessel is marked with the international common head cover color for blood collection.

Vacuum blood collection head cap

1. Common head cover

(1) Keep the vacuum and sterile state in the tube before sampling, so as to fully mix the blood sample and additives after sampling, and prevent the sample from hemolysis or small blood clots, which will affect the test results.

(2) The specimen shall be completely isolated from the external environment to avoid the loss of water in the specimen before the test, the pollution of the working environment, and the interference of impurities such as bacterial dust in the air with the test results.

(3) It is convenient to mix the samples before the coagulation test, whole blood test, and ESR test.

(4) The inner wall of the pipe cover is coated with lubricant, so it is very easy to open and close the pipe cover in the test.

2. Safety head cover

(1) Double layer tube cover design: the rubber tube plug in contact with the blood sample is recessed on both sides and embedded in the plastic tube cover, which effectively prevents the medical staff from contacting the blood sample during collection and transportation, and reduces the blood sample splashing and adhering to the outer edge of the test tube when the cover is opened, so as to prevent nosocomial infection.

(2) The smooth surface of the outer corrugated plastic pipe cover and the inner cover of the safety head cover makes it very easy to swing or close the head cover.

(3) The safety head cover of blood collection vessels below 5mi is a transparent plastic pipe cover, which is specially designed for children or a small amount of blood sample collection.

Wall material of vacuum blood collection tube

1. Reinforced glass

(1) The glass tube can withstand more than 3 free falls of 2m height, effectively prevent specimen leakage and environmental pollution during collection, transportation and test, and reduce the probability of resampling.

(2) The bottom of the test tube is specially strengthened to avoid damage during centrifugation.

2. Special plastics

(1) Lightweight, easy to transport.

(2) The tube wall damage rate is very small, and the possibility of leakage of samples during transportation, centrifugation and test is very small, so as to improve work efficiency.

(3) After use, it can be directly autoclaved or incinerated.

The inner wall of a vacuum blood collection vessel

The inner walls of all vacuum blood collection vessels are irradiated with cobalt 60 and rinsed with deionized water to ensure sterility, smoothness and no foreign matter, effectively preventing hemolysis in vitro and easy to identify hemolysis in vivo, so as to provide the best sample carrier for obtaining accurate experimental results.

Vacuum blood collection vessel inner wall coating

The inner wall of the blood collection vessel without additives is evenly coated with silicone to prevent blood cells from adhering to the wall, prevent cells from breaking during centrifugation, release intracellular substances outside the cells, and affect the test results.

Vacuum blood collection additive

Additives are preset according to the use of blood collection vessels and blood collection volume to meet the needs of various clinical trials.

A lot of complicated preparations before the test are omitted to avoid reagent waste and ensure more accurate test results.

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