Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer
Medical Consumables and Lab Consumables OEM Manufacturer

List of Medical or Laboratory Disposable Consumables

Medical or laboratory plastic disposable consumables have an essential use during all current clinical or laboratory operations. Those products are mainly used for various applications.

1. Plastic Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes and microtainers

2. Catheters

3. Syringes

4. Medical use tubes

5. Gowns

6. Kinds of sanitation chemical products

7. Airway or Inflation Bag

8. Wound processing like bandages, Gauze, tapes,

9. Rapid antigen test

10. Disposable Clamps

11. Plastic sharps containers

12. Body fluides Specimen Containers/bottles

13. Mucus Traps

14. Pipette tips

15. Test tubes

16. Centrifugation tubes

17. Cryo vials or tubes

18. Cuvettes

19. Face shields

20. Masks

21. Disposable glasses/Goggles

22. Disposable gloves

23. Nursing Plasticwares like cervical specula/vaginal speculum, atoscop speculum, ear speculum, disposable tweezers, disposable sponge holders

24. Pasteur pipettes/dropper, or transfer pipettes

25. Transport swabs with Amies medium

26. Transport swabs with Stuart medium

27. Transport swabs with Cary Blair medium

28. Cell culturing products, such as cell culture petri dishes, cell culture plates, cell culture flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, serological pipettes, cell factory, media square bottles, cell scrapers, cell inoculation loops, cell sampling needles

Products & Applications
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